How to pick up a gay man

8 Steps to Picking Up Guys at the Gym

There are so many rules when it comes to straight dating. You'll notice there's a lot less advice on gay dating out there, though. And that's partially because gay men already have their dating scene on lock. But with gay guys, they aren't trying to dance around the reason they're swiping.

How To Pick Up Guys PART 2 - Dave and Ethan

Their pictures are usually of their face, their chest and, if you're lucky, a nice booty pic. Women and men are inherently very different, so when you find someone of the opposite sex with similar interests, it's a special find. Gay guys, however, already have a bunch in common to start.

But honestly, for gay guys, who better to give a great blow job than someone with a dick?

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Things nowadays are very different. Not only are gay bars and clubs in crisis, closing left, right, and center, but the art of hooking up has diminished. Well, the answer should be YOU; you should have the time because this historic method to hook up is way more thrilling and rewarding than a few taps on your smartphone while you lounge on your couch watching old episodes of Drag Race.

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So, put down your phone and follow this advice and you, too, could take that hot guy home from the bar. Any eager beaver in a gay bar can roam a room with their eyes, making contact with each Tom, Dick, and Harry in the place. The nervous temptation can be to seek out anyone who flings a glance your way and to try and play a game of who blinks first. Be wary, too, of searching around like a meerkat. We live in an age when people are more and more afraid to talk to strangers. You could end up having a glorious evening discussing your favorite books before you head back to your place and fool around.