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I am sorry for you. Lazda turi du galus Julija. Tokia tiesa Julija. I dunt know really what to say …. Very bad to read this story.

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This particular story sound exactly like the personality of my Mohamed and I see above some of his friend and alias in comments: Karim, etc. My Mohamed came to me on facebook where I had a purely political page: He likes fat women too and he loves and adores me and everyday sometimes hundred almost times coming to say that. He never asked for money until end and however he always say something very clever to show he needs money and so I sent generous presents.

Every time he receive present he disappears for few days with no facebook comment or chat. This story so similar to mine: When he discover this he send me hate messages and also threats of physical violence to me if I ever come to egypt. All along he was asking me to marry him and come to Egypt. He changed exactly about face and say opposite of what he originally said.

Finally on Ocotber 1 I post on fb that I will stop my obsession with him. By now I had annouonced to my followers what he did. At least I was happy in those months he pretend to love me. He also had only a mother and sister and father was away in South Sudan. I discovered many people in on this with him even if some disrespect him for it I think they hate Americans and disrespect us. He says he is atheist and I believe that because his lies are downright evil. He try to say I do sex with all of my followers on facebook and more worse things than that.

You must be logged in to post a comment. I would like to tell my story and i hope this story is going to help for a lot of women… Everything start 4 years ago, in december i came alone for holiday in Hurgada, i just wanted to relax alone from all hard work….

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I know all this is a very big signs for me but i still believed in him i still trusted in him because he swear for me on his dad he swear on God he put his hand on Koran and swear he never cheated on me and he always going to love me and …….. Muslims can lie to Koran?!! I called him and he said he never loved me and his wife is going to be egyptian and muslim…..

Where is much more what to say but i hope you understand something what i write and i hope he will get what he deserve…. Posted in Ervaringen. December 9, at 3: Log in to Reply. December 16, at 8: Lisa says: December 17, at 3: Lauren says: December 17, at 2: All my love, Take care Laurenxxx. Julijai says: Where is your wife? If you want to get rid of the guy then say she is at your hotel or apartment. You have to remember these guys are looking for payment and you should take care as gay travellers have been robbed and murdered by hustlers.

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You will find no gay scene, but their is a small European gay community which meets in local beach cafes, plus cafes in Skella Square and around the bus station in Dahar. Most shop keepers and taxi drivers can be gay friendly, and indirectly asking about the subject can lead to useful information. Top places to meet guys In hotels, waiters and house keepers are usually happy to help.

There maybe quiet areas in the hotel, but many do not want to risk their job so will prepare to meet outside.

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As they work with many tourists, they maybe looking for a gift phone or money LE. Hotel workers can be the safest as there is come back if anything goes wrong, and as you are one of the guests from their hotel they are eagar to please. Spa's usually only offer male to male massures, who are happy to make you happy for an extra tip. Give hints such pointing at areas you want working on, or when they are working on your back bring your boxer down lower than they brought them down.

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Also discreetly and slowly touching their body during a treatment can open the subject. Look to tip from LE. Taxi and service bus drivers are usually up for it when alone, however note they will require an extra tip from 50 to LE. Shop keepers, especially spice shops, will often close their shop with you inside to have action.

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However they will expect payment or to buy something over priced in return. El Dahar Old Market cafes, restaurants and shops can be easy to pick up guys. Smiles and winks can lead you to the way. Paying compliments and saying how strong and beautiful they are can open the subject for something more direct. These are generally more laid back and open.

Private trips quad biking or horse riding. Again once you get the man alone in a quiet place, anything can happen with these friendly people. These are also normally the more handsome, horny and well indowed. These have grown up with gay stories from Luxor and even when younger "try" intercorse with male friends when curcious in the villages. Places to go with a lover Beaches can be ok for a descret kiss or cuddle, but be warmed there is security and police watching everywhere in busy beach areas.

Most hotels except 2 men local and European in one room, however you may wish to book a room each and check in seperatly if the local guy doesnt want to be frowned upon by the hotel staff. The best hotels are very cheap hotels put in price order on booking. The middle of the road local hotel brands can be quite snobbish and may cause a problem for you.

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You can also rent apartments, book via booking. Some more experianced guys may refuse a hotel as they know the reception will take a copy of their ID card good for protection, but scary for them! Nighclub and hotel toilets may seem tempting, but for more than a quick kiss, the security will be more than happy to break the door open if you are in their longer than expected.

Caution points When taking action with Arab straight men, bare in mind their mood can change dramitically once they have had their thrill.

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Be prepared for this.