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He has never been married and there is no news that he has any wife or baby mama somewhere. As a result of this, most fans have been eager to find out who he is actually dating. Though Jimmy initially seemed to fall into the cliche of football players who like to keep most of their private lives off the public eye, he was recently spotted on the 19th of July with a lady but not just any lady, an adult film star named Kiara Mia. See Also: The pair were photographed having a romantic dinner together a few hours after Mia had posted a heads up for a date night on her Instagram page.

Jimmy Garoppolo is one athlete that seems to have that near perfect body type including looks, height, and body mass. He thus stands tall at an enviable height of 6 feet 2 inches 1. His other body stats include a chest size of 44 Inches, a 35 inches measuring waist, and biceps that perfectly ripped at 16 inches. Jimmy has a hazel colored eye with light brown colored hair. Image Source. Is Perez Hilton Gay? Who Is Kishele Shipley? If something goes down with him, bet on it being something new that occured after he changed teams since now he has the money and power to show the world who he really is.

He is so polished and perfect in his interviews. Always with a perfect answer for everything. Imagine being handsome and sexy enough to be a movie star, but also having the god given talent to be one of the top 3 QBs in the country? From the video below, starts at 25 seconds: In high school his coach asked him to play QB for the team, but he refused. That speaks to his character right there. That's because Jimmy had a huge gay crush on his best friend and didn't want to betray his high school sweetheart.

Well, for a guy who is always smiling he does look miserable in that Valentines photo with the brunette. It was not really talked about much, but brought up when someone mentioned how much women he must get. Jimmy Garoppolo hit the airwaves to let us know his dating status once and for all: No girlfriend, single right now.

But back in January, Jimmy Garoppolo's girlfriend Summer was a hot topic of conversation. Summer allegedly shopped pictures to terezowens. The picture is almost certainly a "timed release" shot, which probably leads the list of all the many weird things about this story. That means she set up the camera with a timer somewhere and got into bed with Jimmy. They're both in their underwear and it ain't a Calvin Klein commercial. And if we're being honest here, we're not entirely convinced that Jimmy is the guy in that picture.

Here's where a strange story manages to get stranger. Jimmy Garoppolo's girlfriend even though she's not his real girlfriend , was tweeting a ton of messages about how infatuated with him she was in January. She must have spooked him because there's no mention of her anywhere from him. Since the story ran, Summer has flown the coop on social media also. Either that or she's hiding out under a new name that one knows about.

Back when her Twitter was a thing, she had plenty to say. She talks about looking at wedding dresses. Wedding dresses. There's a lot of missing information about this little drama that played out between these two if anything between these two ever actually existed. We'll give Summer credit. She put in a lot of work to achieve her goal.

She sent out dozens of tweets with his twitter handle attached. Maybe at some point he figured he'd give it a whirl and messaged her back. Whatever the case, Summer is most definitely out of the picture now unless Jimmy is still stopping in every now and again when he's in town. I think he's probably a huge hetero hoe. I don't care as long as he performs for the Niners this season. Belickick is going to be pissed for years over this trade, he saw a great QB in JG. R You have that right. Word in the locker room is that Jimmy G is the only player with whom Belichick has had a familial relationship in his entire coaching history.

He is famous for keeping all his players at arm's length because he knows when its time to cut, it is much easier that way. And if you know Bs history you know that he tends to cut his star players sooner than most coaches in his place would. But Bill took an exceptional liking to Jimmy from the jump. He is more of a QB coach than a defensive one he had Matt Patricia for that.

And everyone knows that Bill and Brady have never been close When cutting time came for Tom, Bill was super jacked about starting fresh with the dude who he truly felt would be every bit as good as Brady if not better; and he had zero emotion about saying bye bye to Brady. But then TB made an impassioned plea to Kraft, and for the first time in their years together, Kraft overruled his head coach. Belichick saw this as a literal dagger in his back, and he was just about ready to walk off the property.

But instead he decided to set Jimmy up for success in the best way he possibly could: And as an added fuck you to Kraft, he gave him to the 49ers for a 2nd round draft pick. A mediocre to decent QB right now is in the highest demand imaginable, and pulling 21 million per year, and Jimmy is considered a AAA prospect. There was a slight rapprochement between Kraft and Belichick at the end of the season, but feelings remain raw.

Let's just say that the Niners will have no bigger cheerleader this coming season than a 66 year old coach in MA. Ojay, I am officially troubled that I now see red tagged comments in this thread. Now we have to be careful about what we say about a celebrity or an athlete? I thought that the red tagging was to cut down on overt racism and Trump trollery? Let's just say that if he had not been blackballed by the owners, he would certainly have a job. Do you have to be a paying member of DL to see it? I would watch football if they all look like him I am afraid ti keep posting on this thread because I don't want to become red tagged "fangirl 4.

Oh Lord. The non-football questions start at 2. Well R when we had sex his hairy thighs were hard yes, he has a big path of hair at the small of his back, a very hairy crack, and his dick is sorta' thick and short and not clipped. Looks like a fat sausage in a parka. Oh, but that face, which he likes to bury in your neck. I mean, without discovering the Lanflisi rumor I would never have thought he was gay just by his voice or mannerisms alone, not like with Tim Tebow where it would surprise me if he was straight lol.

Tom Brady's former backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, also appears to be following his lead when it comes to relationships. Boston model Alexandra King has revealed that she is dating the San Francisco 49ers' franchise quarterback with a cute picture of the two of them celebrating Valentine's Day. That picture is like a month old. We discussed it way up thread. Sounds like she's a thirsty bitch, because he sure hasn't claimed her as anything.

The supposed girlfriend looks decent in the photo with the little feather collared shrug and her hair up. But once she took off the shrug and let her hair down she looks so cheap. I read on the forum linked here, the one dedicated to the gf rumors, that this Alexandra King was rumored to have been with several of his teammates on the pats too. Implying she was kind of the town bicycle and he was embarrassed to be linked to her. I think this is jelousy speaking, they are basically calling her an escort slut over there, they take the mud slinging a bit too far imo.

Another thing to notice about JG, he is hardly ever active on social media. Does not want a lot of attention, or fame it seems. Interview with Dan Patrick from when he was drafted.


Dan looks flabbergasted when Jimmy reveals there is no girlfriend in the picture. This came up when Dan asked him if he got any odd questions during the interviews with the various teams. He was quick to repeat his dad's advice: Gary Tanguay caught up with Jimmy Garoppolo and let him know that Mike Giardi has a secret crush on him, and everyone is blushing. Jimmy is currently in Vegas, and reportedly chatting up a Kate Upton look-a-like.

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Seems the valentines date is already out of the picture. So mamas boy, definitely. I don't blame him. I'm pretty sure he's hetero and there's no reason why he shouldn't be enjoying his looks and money. Hopefully he doesn't let some dumb hoe trap him. He should get a vasectomy. If I were him, I wouldn't trust my own viable splooge anywhere around a ho. Even if he cums in their asses they would probably finger some into their twats and hope for a gold plated baby. He must have already had a vasectomy. If the rumor is true he dumps a girl if she refuses to sleep with him without a condom, he would have had several baby mamas now already, having the status as a QB for the pats for nearly 4 years and all.

Or the womanizing is a front, and this is the real reason he has never been confronted with a paternity suit by a goldigger. Who knows. The no condom rumor originated on that talk sports site. That place is frau central and they are shook he wants to fuck more than one girl at once. They cannot comprehend a man wanting to do that lol. R, Erna, there should be soon. He's sloppy with the hoes and is always getting photographed.

I hope we get a sex tape soon! It is so hot and such fertile hunting ground that gorgeous women save up and fly out there just in hopes of snagging a big fish. Plus, you have all the local dancers, bimbos, and even basic pretty college girls from UNLV. Here's the one thing I want to add to all the speculation as to how Jimmy is keeping himself safe from potential baby mama drama: He may actually have gotten a vasectomy. And I think that he is somewhat careful about the level of females he chooses to play with.

He understands only too well that a scandal of any kind could end up costing him a fortune in endorsement money. And the proof of the pudding I that he didn't just become the hottest man in the history of the NFL two months ago. He has been mega-hot since he was drafted by NE, and he was hot back in school in Illinois. No babies yet that we know of right? So I am pretty sure that he has the situation on lockdown. And I agree with the poster up thread who said that the use of a condom would not mean a thing to a hungry chick.

There are a number of ways to foil condom usage if one so desires, and I would bet the ranch many women so desire. She likely gets the cutest baby ever, and a check for 75K per month until the child is Jimmy is so gorgeous. I'm sure Aaron Hernandez would've lusted after him if they played together. I think Aaron was a bit too rough around the edges for Jimmy. I could maybe see Timmy T. Two QBs together? It could be interesting.

She was not impressed. She messaged out what was happening and wrote:. There is a video of him dancing and his moves suck. It doesn't matter when you're that hot, though. I mean, he's no ready for the Soul Train line, but at least he seems somewhat on beat.

He could use some tutelage as to his moves though. What I want to feel is his cock pulsate in my ass during the moments while he is coming inside of me. So there are no reports of a gf for years and now suddenly in the space of a few months he's dating one "model" and pictured dancing with another one in Vegas?

He was probably fucking a different girl every night. Why bother having a gf to discuss feelings and reassure her she doesn't look fat in that dress when he can be tearing up an endless parade of pussy with no strings. Not to mention he's still in his 20s R, but the queens here wouldn't even consider that because it's too logical.

He follows these same type of girls on instagram, huge tits, small brain types according to the frau forum posted before. He's a quiet whore like Julian Edelman. The second one had a daughter with one of his hookups and was caught in bed with another one who posted a picture of then in bed. Yeah it seems body overrules all. You could be ugly as sin, Princess Tinymeat and be as thick as a brick, but if you have a nice body you'll get laid.

Though the single biggest dick I ever had inside me swung between the legs of an erstwhile South Philly orphan, not every Italian I've been with was hung. And I've been with plenty. Jimmy does aim low. Jimmy, honey Jennifer Lawrence would fuck you. She's every buddy you have's wet dream. I have seen girls at the local Publix on a Wed, morning who are cuter than that short legged matronly hump.

He seems a bit shy in general. And he apparently untagged himself from those photos at Disneyland once they surfaced on instagram. He does seem really self-conscious. It must be horrible being famous if you're that way inclined. Exactly R, He is probably the I'll lie back and do me type, or quick fuck and roll over ,but hell who cares? Better looking than Brady when he was younger, let's hope not as boring , Brady is a snooze fest He's way to young to settle down it is just beginning , has a lot of seed spraying to do.

I think he's shy and all the fame and fortune is probably a bit much for him to handle at this point in his life. He does have some nervous ticks during interviews where he touches his face a lot and sometimes stutters. He has gotten a lot better tho. Definitely seems uncomfortable with fame and media attention. I think he really is that small town Illinois boy who loves his mama inside the skin. I imagine he is extremely uncomfortable with the attention he is getting now. Every gay and coke slut in San Francisco is gonna wanna fuck this boy.

And the bros are gonna all be around him. What SF PR genius dreamed this up? He'll be buying a new house in No Cal before the season. As stated up thread being the Niner QB is akin to being the prom king of the city. Just be smart and throw a rubber on Jimmy. God help him if he wins a Super Bowl. Four boys and he is the hottest of them all, just like the Gronk brothers as he is the hottest.

There is always one alpha hot male that is separated from the siblings in the group. Mom Garopolo must of gone weary of washing and replacing all those jizz coated bed sheets all those years If this were the 's, Jimmy would be the perfect guy for a Playgirl photo spread, like the one Jim Brown did. Who is the chick R? She has a pretty face and does not look as cheap and hard as the other one. She looks basic, though, like that girl who got kidnapped while running last year. Staten Island? If that is really she, she looks worlds better with less makeup. She looks 6 years younger in the beach photo than she looked in that black jumpsuit outfit.

Don't worry. Whichever little hussie tries to hitch herself to Jimmy will have to go through Mama Garoppolo first, and believe me, that will be no easy task. Absolutely, r What a petty diva! He could never compare to Jimmy and his golden, glistening muscles. I don't understand how a few think Jimmy is so obviously gay. And trust, I am not a frau who doesn't want every great looking dude to be straight. I was on board in the Aaron Hernandez threads with him being gay from the jump way before it started to become obvious.

Same with Aaron Rodgers. But Jimmy just doesn't ping to me at all. Which of course doesn't mean he could not be gay, because not every gay athlete flames. I think that he is exceedingly gay friendly though, and I guarantee that he would never act insulted by the allegations. He's just a cool guy who happens to be nice to everyone and loves his mama. He's infinitely more well adjusted than half of the NFL, and he has the potential to be the next Joe Montana. Oh lordy I hope he doesn't go for that common looking hussy from Boston.

She is a B list WAG at best, and he could do so much better. I hope he remains single at least for his first 3 years in SFO. That will allow him to concentrate on his career and cement his legacy as an all time great. I agree with the poster who said, "she's claiming him, but as of yet he isn't publicly claiming her. That's a good sign I think. As for Tom Brady, he was very good looking in his twenties, and for a regular guy he still looks good for 40 today.

His body is not particularly great looking due to his Guerrero trained workouts. Their intent is to have him flexible above all: And a little softness in the gut is not an issue. After watching Tom versus Time, I am sure that he could look like Gronk well Gronk at 40 if that was his intention. He isn't soft due to laziness that's for sure. Let's face it, Gronk's body is superb, but dude is as fragile as a Dresden figurine. R She is pretty low-rent even for an instaslut. I would have thought a beard with some career upside would be preferable if he leaned that way.

Weird choice. Not the kind of chick who takes selfies in Planet Fitness bathrooms. Someone pointed out that he has known her for a while, definitely before all the big money came rolling it. Maybe that's important to him that she liked him when he was riding the bench and making league minimum. The Patriots used to have the hottest team. Brady, Gronk, Jimmy, Amendola, Edelman R He will most likely be sucked into the group of gold digging wore bitch models , which are plentiful , and he is to stupid not to follow in the tracks of his team members.

You will see many gold digging cunts hanging off his arm in the next two years plus, he will knock up at least one then marry the bitch, wait and see. R Riding the Pats! When I first saw his picture I finally understood the comment about someone's mussy getting moist. I am soaking wet over this stud. Well, this former one year wonder willingly hooked up with a producer to land a reality show for herself. She didn't think her celebrity boyfriend would find out. Now, no more relationship. Olivia Culpo Danny Amendola.

R Even as he looks today forget about how good looking he was in his 20s Brady is still one of the 4 best looking QBs in the country,. I didn't know Amendola broke up with Culpo. Good move, she's such a famewhore. He'll be in Miami now so I'm sure he won't be lonely. R, Latest word is he saw a text she sent to a producer offering herself sexually for a job, which was too much for Danny to take. Odds are that one of them is gay, and my gaydar leans to the brother on the far right at about two-thirds of the way into this clip about his family:.

How many commercials do we expect our Jimmy to be in this football season. Any with his shirt off? Can you imagine how many gay guys hit on Jimmy in public? JFK, Jr. Honey in San Francisco this guy is gonna be hit on in every corner. Boys AND girls. The Forty Niners are gonna be huge. Jimmy is going to need protection walking down the streets of SF! He will probably live near Santa Clara, where the team plays. And homeless people. Last time I walked around downtown, there were huge shits on the sidewalk. It was disgusting. The only successful way to be his girlfriend or boyfriend is to be a sex addict and fuck him every day, several times a day and leave him literally drained that he would be too exhausted to even think about hooking up with anyone else.

That and a Stefano Dimera brainwashing where he only has eyes for you. Alternate method to R Physically perfect big boobed woman who fucks like a bunny and can throw down in the kitchen like his mama. It's beautifully sculpted and narrow, but the nostrils look weird at certain angles. He really reminds me of an Italian Christopher Reeve. He's very handsome but I do see the weirdness with his nose; it doesn't take away from his looks.

What I do think takes a way a bit is the thin lips. Alexander Diamont is more sensual in looks. He was a beautiful boy too. Here he is with his brother Luca, who is also now a stunner. There are a lot of challenges to diminishing the pull of this game. Its cultural importance and the role it has played for decades in many average people's lives. Boys' lives and their parents' and through the generations.

Also, football is a thrilling game to play. It has everything a boy and young man wants in a game. Also, the money if you are good at it. The argument really comes down to - its not safe. We know that now. And its arguably child abuse to let minors do it. I wonder what it's like going through life looking like that. I would imagine it could be tedious at times but then you look in the mirror and say fuck it, I'm gorgeous. Jimmy is gorgeous but not a in model way.

He really looks like the pretty boy next door, the neighborhood stud, Carmello's kid, football All American, prom king, "Bitching Camaro", charming all the grandmothers on down to your sister. I had some straight female model friends in my early 20's in New York. They'd come with me to gay and underground clubs and I'd go with them to straight clubs.

Every single douchebag from ugly to just below Jimmy Garoppolo level guy, would make a play. Particularly the pretty meh douchebags. No shame. So that was tedious. They wanted the guys who were 10s, like them. Achieving that was a more subtle, nuanced dance. Mother has asked Mike to add him to the list of people he can't be alone in a room with..

It's for the best. God's will. While I would never say that QBs are in no danger of acquiring CTE, they are certainly safer than any position other than kicker, punter or long snapper. What really gets me is that there are rules which state that hits to the head pull a substantial fine. But the players, most of whom are the providers for their entire families up to 15 people in some cases know that their legs are their bread and butter particularly their knees. So, it is standard operating procedure for WRs and RBs to tell players to hit them in the head and they will cover the fine levied.

If football players generally came from middle class families, the CTE issue would be a whole other animal. But when you are talking the chance to pull an entire family out of the cycle of poverty, then all bets are off. Just this week on the sports show, major figures in the game were saying, "I wish the NFL would let us sign a waiver stating that we understand the risks, and then back off and let us play.

It's a violent sport and we love it. This is anecdotal, but all the men who have committed suicide except Aaron Hernandez, but he had complicating issues have been lineman types. So Jimmy's odds are pretty good. The article at R mentions a few quarterbacks with CTE. This thread keeps reloading and won't let me post a picture of Jimmy's gay looking brother.

Wrong, R He actually was part of a lawsuit against the NFL. I makes sense that one of Jimmy's brothers is gay. That would partially explain his obviously easy going manner and lack of any visible homophobia. Plus, he has to know that men are lusting over him like mad, but he has clearly chosen to be gracious and accepting of male attention.

Jimmy had better be careful.

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One nighters are going to do anything to have his baby and a lifetime annuity. I don't mean to derail, but I know that there are a couple of Pats fans who follow this thread.

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  6. What do you think of the fresh hell which is the Brady revolt against Belichick going on in Foxboro? Please don't tell me to start another thread And after all, Jimmy being traded and I use that word laughingly to the Niners was the beginning of the downfall of the Pats.

    But I thought I'd let you know that the 'Niners just used their first round pick on a left tackle fro Notre Dame. He is ' and a behemoth. This is purely to protect Jimmy's fine ass from being sacked. I also hope Stud Jimmy does not go wasted in SF. We need the most elite hottest gays to get on their game. R Okay, I get it now, You weren't clowning me, you were actually joking about not knowing a lot about football.

    Beautiful Jimmy's contract states that he's not to partake in any other sporting activities, including firearms!!! Jimmy was at the Sharks game tonight looking fine AF in a teal jersey. I can't post pics on this thread. It crashes whenever I try to paste. If there's a God, either a leaked dick pic or better yet a leaked sex tape featuring Jimmy will someday surface. He's not ugly, but he's no heartbreaker either. It was a shock to the sports cognoscenti when the Niners selected McGlinchey so high in the draft; but sources within the Niners say that Jimmy G is the future of the franchise, therefore protecting their investment and golden goose is their highest priority.

    For those of you who aren't really into football for the sport itself, having a great QB who can easily get sacked and run down is pointless. Part of an effective offense is having an outstanding O Line. But that's easier said than done, and few teams have 5 star O lines. I am sure that all of you guys are proficient in techy stuff, so one of you should post a pic of the new team member.

    Not that it matters, but he is white. Sadly, while I am a veritable font of sports knowledge, gossip and general info, thanks to being married to a man in the business, I am completely tech retarded. I was never trained or taught the basics, so I am not able to post links here. I can do it on Twitter, but I have not mastered the ability on DL.

    That is a matter of great shame for me, and this is the one and only time I have ever admitted it here. My husband is going to a conference for agents in the near future, and I have instructed him to dig for any gossip, dirt or inside stuff on the object of you guy's affection. I will report anything I learn. Would it help if I told you to imagine you're talking to Rose, not Dorothy? The photo of him on the Notre Dame website R is horrible. I said he's no heartbreaker, but I gave seen several photos which make him look far less moose-like.

    And I was wrong about his height in my original post: That's what he does, protects Jimmy? So he ends up with brain injuries instead? Which one makes more money? It should be Moose. R, you better report back here! Are you a man or woman? I don't know many gay sports agents. I welcome it, though. I have never posted about a sports person before do Adam and Chris count? Unfortunately, some undeserving skank will probably land him.

    He seems simple and ain't getting a Gisele. Strange R I always found Brady much more simple than Jimmy. Tom seems dim and unsophisticated. Jimmy seems more in tuned with the world. But I may be misreading. Tom is extremely bland, but I don't think he's unsophisticated. His father was a successful insurance broker and he's always had a certain standard when it comes to women and the company he keeps. Jimmy grew up working class and seems content slumming it with bottle girls and IG "models".

    Tom has better taste. Alright Jimmy's been in SF doing offseason workouts for two weeks and not one San Francisco gay has tried to taste him yet? You boys are slipping. Sure, there are "pretty" models who are near perfection, but they don't have the dimples and the light in their eyes like Jimmy. I cannot wait until the season starts, because the networks are going to heavily feature the 49ers even if you don't live in Northern Cal. It's because the whole football world is waiting with bated breath to see if he can live up to the predictions.

    Ugh Jimmy. She looks like a nasty bar slut. They met inside and she's already holding on to him like a gf. Hopefully he just took her home, pounded her and then put her in an Uber. He definitelt knows the cameras are on him. He barely puts his arm around her and she looks thirsty AF. Jimmy has very low rent taste. I guess growing blue collar might have something to do with that. He could snag a supermodel or actress and he's going for basic everyday hoes?

    I think it's kind of refreshing that he goes for normal girls. It will probably change as time goes on. All his girls so far look like hit em and quit em types. R The one in the picture looks pretty normal to me. So far no LA bimbos either. When he starts dating Jen Selter or Chantel Jeffries then we'll talk. Also, as a woman I can tell you not that many of you would not recognize the signs on your own, but IF he wanted to take her home or to a hotel to bang her, he would have his hands on her waist or shoulders.

    I believe that she was likely some basic bitch who approached him and TMZ caught it. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

    Who is Kiara Mia? Porn star revealed after Jimmy Garoppolo date

    Have a gander. Big smile, dimples, big pecs. Yet Belichick handed him over for a 2nd round pick? I would like to engage in anal receptive intercourse with him to the maximum depth. The stereotype is true. Jimmy is rumored to enjoy trade? And his mom knows about it, R8. Hubba, hubba! R1 I'd rather have a goose.

    Not necessarily a gay face but for some reason that wide smile of his seems like a gay smile. He is hot as hell. Jimmy bought his mom a new car as soon as he signed his new contract. Yes, I would. Is he gay? R21, he is one of 4 sons. You have to figure one of those boys is gay. They all have about the same smile and he looks like his dad, granddad, and the brother in blue.

    Also look at the neck on his brother. Must be or have been a ballplayer too. They should do gay porn. They could eclipse the Rockland Brothers! That would be hot, r I could lose myself in his hole for 4 hours and 37 minutes. I bet that Pops Garoppolo was pretty hot in his day. I like the less inhibited Jimmy. Me too, r Why is there no gossip on this beauty? I need him inside me quite deeply. He has a beautiful smile. The bro standing next to Gramps R17 reminds me of a young Vinny Testaverde. Yeah he's hot. Actually, it looks like his brothers are pretty damn good looking too.

    Who was the Patrick Kane fan he was molesting? And I wasn't expecting him to be so humble and low key. The Patriots should never have let him go. Don't they need a backup quarterback? He's enjoying his off season. He looks possessed in that photo. She looks like a 70s porn star. A fucking jumpsuit? Jimmy you can do so much better. He is SO freaking rich. The world is his oyster. I'd suck his cock until he was dehydrated. Hey, if it's good enough for the leader of the Free World R47 Hope she doesn't trip over her beard. I want him to bareback me. It appears Ms King has removed that photo from her 'Gram.

    He's VERY hot. Jimmy probably asked her to. I bet you are right. She has huge tits. Id like to see a video of him motor boating them. That is exactly what makes him so delicious! Much better looking than Aaron Rogers. I thought he was a closeted Italian mama's boy. What's this no condoms with chicks bitniz?

    Omg, those pecs! A lot of San Fran sluts are gonna get some good dick. If he wants to continue with the hit it raw strategy, he's going to need to get a vasectomy. And then reverse it when he's ready for a family. I wonder if he's ever tried guys? Probably not, but I can dream.

    I wish I was in the Bay Area. He is.

    Jimmy Garoppolo Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Brothers, Height, Ethnicity

    Here's his gayface: I do not see the gay face. But I do see a hunk. Ah to be one of his conquests! I'm from the bay so I will try my best to taste the hole. Get video. Hi boys!! Damn, he's hot, he needs to get in my spa now! I can't believe anyone finds Tom attractive when this specimen is on the planet! Bump this hot piece of ass.

    Madzder isn't hot enough for Jimmy. Agree that Brady was hotter back in the day than he is now. And some guys are just into dorks. His cum tastes like cannoli filling. R95, that sounds divine! I'm sure all of us would suck the cream from his cannoli. This beast is pure sex on a stick. Hottest man in sports in ages. Jimmy has said in interviews that he doesn't have time for a girlfriend.

    Quickie, Quickie, Porn Star - Date Your Wife - Ep 002

    Which indicates he's fucking random hoes all the time. I know a woman that he has slept with him and she says he was unbelievable. Tell us more! R, Unbelievably good or unbelievably bad? Young, hot and rich. Everything I want in a man. The worst sex I ever had was with a man who was a true How did you know he was self conscious about? Especially impressive since you're a guy. R LOL.

    After being a DL regular since , I may be turning into a guy,. R needs to come back with more details. Jimmy bump! Chicks love his stank sleeve. I bet he's circumcised. Jimmy seems civilized. Let's hope he's not barbarically mutilated. Jimmy Garoppolo pre-game stretches: R is delicious. R, now post a pic of Jimmy in the Rafael Alencar thread. Jimmy can sit on my face anytime he likes and for as long as he likes. Let's hope he's phallically perfected. Jesus R17, that is a lot of lasagna that that poor mother had to cook! His brothers all have gayface. That would make sense, R Italian guys have a propensity for being voracious bottoms.

    Tell me he doesn't have a gay brother You know at least one of them loves cock. He's a blimp. Fit-fat, heavy on the fat. A cow. I say!