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There is a big sign and tinted windows. Since gays and lesbians are a little more adventurous here are some day trips or short overnights places you can go to around Playa Del Carmen. There really are too many options of good places but we will tell you about some of the highlights. There are three big eco parks nearby, Xcaret , Xplor , and Xel-Ha. These are owned by the same company but different from each other and in general we like each one. We do recommend for the adrenalin junky Xplor. It offers zip lines, underground swimming, and more! We choose this over the other parks because it is fun and many gays and lesbians go there on their day off and there are a lot of hot guys and girls that work there who are always assisting you and yes, many gays work here.

It is a day race that attracts all the fit gays and lesbians. You will be amazed at the crowd! It cost almost the same as a regular day at the park but totally worth for several reasons fun and sightseeing! Xel-Ha is a snorkel park with a full day of activity.

All day guys and girls walk around in bikinis and speedos. The views are great and it is popular with local LGBT community on their day off. Xcaret is a great park but more family oriented. Swimming in the underground rivers is great and the two hour show at the end highlights Mexican culture. Coba Mayan Ruins is a good choice if you buy a tour or have a car public transportation is very limited. We prefer this over Chichen Itza because it is not overrun with tour buses and you get to bike between the ruins and climb the pyramid.

If you are a culture vulture and would like a small colonial city to see and maybe see a local food market, then this town has a lot to offer. Holbox Island is a good overnight trip or a place to chill for a few days. Interestingly enough it is very popular with lesbians. This laid back place has a few hundred residents and everyone seems to be very chill and friendly. We recommend getting a tour to visit this biosphere reserve because you cannot really see much if you go by yourself.

Cancun is the closest big city to Playa Del Carmen. You might think it would have more gay clubs, bars, and hotels but it is limited. For more on Cancun see our Gay Cancun Guide here. If you would like a gay guide to take you to explore more of the area including the Yucatan Peninsula we have a suggestion for you. He can set up a private tour for you and this is a great way to see more of the area in a fun way.

Have a question about something? Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Are you looking to move or invest in Playa Del Carmen? We can refer you to gay friendly Playa Del Carmen real estate agents that know the wants of the community. Looking for a tour guide or suggestions? We will be adding gay tour companies soon to this list. Since gay tourism is increasing there are several companies that will soon offer tours especially for the community.

Print This Post. Then 2 cops arrived on their ATV, ordered me not in a pleasant manner to put on my trunk. They also asked me if I was masturbating…Ouachhh…. And these 2 cops also went to see other gays that were there to check …. Check what? Search me but this experience was not funny at all, believe me…I just put my stuff on my bag and left. Thank you for your personal experience. It is good to get reports like this and we will reflect this in the guide. Do you allow pre-op TS with breast allowed in any of the gay saunas or bathhouse??? Are you referring to Playa Del Carmen and how far it is from this hotel in Cancun?

Playa Del Carmen is about 50 minutes south of Cancun. Each year it has been attended by some but it often is not organized the best. Often there is a small parade from Juarez Avenue to 12th Street where it ends at a club for a destination party. There is a lack of organizers in Playa Del Carmen for gay events. Some people have avoided working with the Gay Pride event because it often attracts just a fringe of the gay community and sometimes it is not quite the image the City is looking for i.

It is just that many gay do not even attend this event because it is not done in a classy way and almost cheapens the gay community. Being in a smaller city near larger cities also sucks some the event power out of doing anything in Playa Del Carmen. Merida has a much bigger Gay Pride and if you are interested you might want to check that event out.

Merida is a city of about 1,, people so there is a larger crowd for that event. If we have any more details for this years event or future events we will post it here on our Gay Guide to Playa Del Carmen. We do keep every guide we have up to date all the time. Update on Playa Pride Playa Pride is June and there are happenings during this period. There is a pre party June 18 at the bar on the corner of 1st avenue and 26th Street at 8pm. Open bar is pesos. Sorry there is so few details about this, organization and marketing is very poor. Pre Pride: Stand up comedy TomBoy: Show by Rosy Valdez and karaoke.

We got your Facebook message and were going to post this info here. If you are organizing next year events, or events throughout the year for the LGBT community, please let us know. We have a large following that are interested in these things as you can see from other comments here. We hope all your planned events go well and people come out to support them. Hi, do you have any update on gay pride in Playa del Carmen?

We are going to be in Playa this week and wanted to go out or something. Please let us know. We will post this information here today after we get all the details. I want to thank you for such a good gay guid to Playa Del Carmen. So many guides are old and useless. When you get there you think some people havnever been there or they wrote it about 4 year ago and we all know thing change so much.

This one is so good and uo to date. My girlfriend and I were just in Playa Del Carmen and had a great time! Ladies come to meet people, eat-drink-dance-laugh, have a good time with their fellow friends as well. For July, there are events on July 14th and 31st and it starts at 8. Simply mention you are with LesMex and join the party!

By far this is the best gay guide to the area. I had no idea that there was a gay community or what to expect. This is so detailed.

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I wish you had a guide to every place in MExico. No there are still the same gay bars that are listed here. There is not a lot of demand for one purely gay bar since it is so integrated in Playa Del Carmen. We will keep you posted through. Is there anything going on the week of Nov 12th? Any ideas? There is a quasi gay film festival at the Theater of the city, but you might want something special for a birthday. What are his interest? A nice dinner or day trip somewhere? There are some great romantic places and romantic day trips.

Is there any paradiso this year for the end of November. It has been cancelled this year?

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It took a while to track down the info. Paradiso will not be any more done. The only circuit party now is Arena. Things come and go here and advertising for these events is poor. We have tried to email them and they do not get back to us event though we have the largest gay guide for the area. We hope you have a good stay here and enjoy some features of our guide. Let us know if you need anything else. Sure, here is some advice. You can take a blanket to the beach at Mamitas and have drinks for free as long as you are in front of the chair area.

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This is a very popular place especially on Sundays. You can meet people here. You can also go out to bars like Delores Yucabar and have a drink for 60 pesos or a beer for 40 pesos. There are a lot of tourist and it is not the best environment to meet people. You can go to the beach at Xpu Ha and meet people too. It is a beach just south of Playa and you can take the colectivos there.

The gay and lesbian scene is very mixed so everywhere you go you can meet people. We hope you have a great time here. Let us know if after you come here you have any tips for our readers. It is very cruisey on 5th, with many gay prostitutes, who may not be obvious to straight tourists. I was just sitting eating dinner on 5th watch the crowd go by, with many many obvious foreign gay tourists, when one very cute local guy caught my eye.

Thanks for your trip report and experiences. You may have just experience more of a local flirt. We are not saying there are gay guys looking to pick a tourist for money, but many Mexican guys like foreigners just to meet. Even when it might seem like a sizable age difference there is always the daddy complex. In Mexico there is prejudice and many status groups do not date down. Most mixed Mexicans will not date someone who looks more indigenous and it is almost a status symbol to date a foreigner.

Regardless of this, we hope you enjoyed your time here in Playa Del Carmen.

I am traveling with my gay best friend. Is there anything fun that can be done during the day, we are limited by the last ferry, besides the beaches. Just to make sure we got what you said, you want to come to Playa Del Carmen for a daytrip and then be able to return to Cozumel at night, correct. Mamitas is fun for the day and there is a mixed crowd there.

It is not like there are gay clubs open in the day or even one place in the city where to meet other gay people during the day. The beach is good and strolling 5th after 4: If you go to Mamitas you can use the showers and get semi ready to go back to 5th Avenue. Most of the bars are not busy until 10 at earliest so there is not good option there. On 28th street there are some bars and eateries that are semi mixed places and with some drinks you just might strike up a conversation with the next table to you.

Hola, thank you so much for keeping this site up to date. I was in Playa for a week this past December and will be back for 2 weeks this month. They are both definitely local and I think I was the only gringo there the few times I went to each but I had a great time. Thanks Matt. You might have notices on the drink menu that there are different prices for meeting the dancers. For example they do private dances in the back. If you are older, then you will get more attention because there is more a chance to payment for services. At any rate, it can be a casual fun bar with straight and gay friends to hang out.

Hi Team! They then offered us all the drugs under the sun with free samples. Not my scene, sorry, so off we went to the two bars on 12th, between 1st and the beach. The Hidden Bar and Delores Yucabar were impossible to find. It would help if the description described which side of the road they were on north or south.

The whole district is noisy and we were constantly offered drugs. We gave up and took our money back to the hostel. I am not bothering to go to the strip bar near our hostel. I hope your town gets a better more open scene for all the resident and visiting gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, questioning and queer folk. Thanks for your great up to date website.

Another place mentioned in another site Blue Parrot on the beach at end of 12th is closed for removation right now. Also could you change your order of messages displayed so most recent us at the top please it looks out of date as it is , thanks.

Sorry you guys are having a bad time finding a fun time in Playa Del Carmen. We do mention that Bar 69 is not the best and only good visiting on Friday or Saturday night. The Hidden Bar is on the south side of the street across from Vaquita. Next to it are the stairs that go up to Dolores Yucabar. It is the bar with the dead tree coming out of the second floor. Playa Del Carmen is very mixed and you can find gay and straight in many of the clubs. Try Mamitas Beach on the north side of the club and in front of the beach chairs. You can meet many people there.

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We will see if we can rearrange the comments. We think since you last looked we took off the Blue Parrot since they are closed now and will become a hotel. Vallarta is known for more of a scene although Playa is gaining in rank and more and more gays and lesbians are coming. Just wanted to know if there is a lot of open discrimination? I have a very feminine style heels and makeup but I am male. All my friends are straight so I believe we be frequenting the major clubs mostly. Any experiences?

You most likely will not be discriminated in a way of refusal of services but people might make a cat call or stare. That is pretty much similar to many places in the world. Less so in places like NYC where there it is more common to see a guy in heels and makeup. People are accepting and not really discriminatory. If a big woman walked down 5th Avenue in Playa in a bikini people would look and make comments. It is more because it is something different and conversational. How are the bars, and especially gay bars, since the violence last month? Where deos the crowd from La Santanera go now?

Thanks for this awesome guide! The scene has not changed too much. We are going into low season so there are fewer people out. The Santanera crowd is spread around but more into the smaller bars.

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Some of the hotels have rooftop bars and once a month parties, so this is trendy for the trendy crowd. There is nothing that is regular so we have not posted any of the monthly parties because they change weekly and you never know what is going to come up. That is just part of the hard part of trying to write about the area. People often do not market well. Where is the best place to check weekly parties?

Do they advertise in shop windows or somewhere regular? Thank you Mr! Unusually you have to check facebook pages of each hotel. Also the Roof Club at the Palm Hotel is good during the day. Hidden Bar posted on Facebook that it is closed in February. Sodoma Playa is also closed. Is 69 the only one left? I am going in 2 weeks and am feeling like there will be no gay party.

Make sure you visit Mamitas beach during the day and especially the weekend. You are sure to meet people , have drinks and a good time. I just found this site and have read comments, recommendations. Not familiar with the lay of the land, is there anything gay close by? You will be staying in the Playacar section of town. Please note that we don't verify each and every photo separately and we can't give any guarantees. In case you have information about fake or stolen photos, please contact us so we can request a Photo Verification from this user.

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